Put’em Up

NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski apologized this week for accusing Talladega winner David Ragan of lining up in the incorrect position on the final restart of Sunday’s race — a move Keselowski said helped Ragan win the race. In a statement on his website, Keselowski said after further reviewing what happened just before the green-white-checkered finish, he realized he was wrong. Really? Keselowski would not have said anything if he had won, but because he didn’t it was sour grapes.

20130505 115148 Carl Dukes: Now Hes Sorry

“I owe David Ragan and his fans an apology,” Keselowski wrote. “I placed blame on David Ragan for the restart lineup confusion when it wasn’t his fault.” Keselowski was upset because he was placed in ninth, which meant he would have to restart on the inside line. He thought Ragan should have been ninth and was trying to restart on the outside — in 10th — unfairly. Keselowski knew that his position likely couldn’t win the race and was angered by what he perceived to be an illegal move by Ragan.

We had such a good time at Talladega, meeting all the drivers and Richard Childress was great to the Gametime Crew! The Race had it all
Little bit of everything: Rain, wrecks, dusk, surprises!

In the media center, Ragan calmly explained his side and said NASCAR would “set (Keselowski) straight eventually.” They did and now its on to Darlington this weekend!
20130505 102640 Carl Dukes: Now Hes Sorry

Put’em Up


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