Have you heard the news!!! Dekalb County School Officials say that they made an astonishing discovery over the weekend. They learned that a $15 million budget shortfall had just become a surplus.They found an additional $21 million, which dramatically changes how the were looking at the budget, according to Michael Thurmond. This would be the first surplus they had in years. Then on Monday, Thurmond’s staff found an additional 7 million dollars, which brings the total close to $30 million dollars. Wow, what a come up.

Now here is where the plot thickens. Isn’t this the same money that got six Dekalb school board officials removed from office? So is it possible that they did not mismanage the money and it’s been there all along? That was the discussion today as DB dug deep into the  controversial issue.  He also challenged Mo Ivory for a second debate so he can tell her, “I told you so.” Tune in to the show tomorrow as Derrick Boazman will continue this discussion with his colleague to see if she still on board with the decision, or did she have a change of heart?

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