CDC: 80 Percent Of Americans Don’t Exercise Enough

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state in a new report that 80 percent of all Americans do not exercise enough.

The statement was made after comparing average physical activity habits of people in the United States with the recommendations for exercise offered by the federal government.

According to the Science Recorder, present Physical Activity Guidelines call for a weekly minimum of either two hours and 30 minutes of walking or one hour and 15 minutes of jogging. Sit-ups, push-ups and other muscle-toning exercises were additionally recommended for people to engage in at least two days per week.

However, Americans are falling short of these goals, especially in regards to muscle-strengthening activities, the website learned. Results varied from state to state, but overall, large portions of the public aren’t exercising enough.

One official, CDC epidemiologist Carmen D. Harris, reportedly recommended that gyms be made more readily available by public officials to improve exercise rates throughout the nation.

The findings were published in the CDC’s journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the Science Recorder found.

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