On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White we talked about the gun bill that was defeated in the senate. President Obama came out and blasted those who voted against it. Speaking of blasting, Rev. Sharpton also blasted John King on his comments about the suspect being ‘dark skin’. How did you feel about both of these comments? Issac Carree came in to give his background because he will be at Larry Tinsley’s concert April 27th! We also debuted a new segment of the show called Dear Lorraine and today’s first topic was You, Me and He, Polygamy! Do these relationships work? If you have a problem, question or concern ask Lorraine and she will get professional help as well as solicit comments from the listeners every Thursday at 9am!

Listen to President Obama blasting the Senate:

Listen to Rev. Sharpton blasting John King:

Listen to the breaks here:

Break 1:

Break 2:

Break 3:

Break 4:

Dear Lorraine:

Break 5:

Break 6:


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