Today on Too Much Truth, DB followed the breaking news out of Boston today. During the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more that 125 others. It happened today around 2 P.M., as runners were finishing their race. According to CBS News correspondent Bob Orr, two bombs were inside trash cans near the viewing area close to the finish line. Two other explosive devices were also found, however police were able to disable the bombs before they exploded. Another incident was reported at John F. Kennedy Library just a few miles away, but it was later reported by officials that it was just a fire and it was not related. Currently, authorities do not have a lead suspect or a motive for the attack.

So with this event, among other tragic events that has taken place, will this make you live in fear or will you continue to live in freedom? Please share your feelings by leaving a comment below or visiting WAOK on Facebook. We would love to read your thoughts on this senseless tragedy. We will also continue to give you updates as we follow the story.

  1. brenner2 says:

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    This was a senseless tragedy, my heart goes out to the families. At a time like this, the one thing that everyone can do is donate blood to help the injured #ENGLCE

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