A teacher in England claims she’s actually teaching her former students an important life lesson by leaving her job to become a professional pole dancer.  According to “The Sun,” Emma Nicholson started dancing seven years ago, but has recently decided to make the hobby a full-time career.  She says everyone at her old school in Hull has been fully supportive of the swap, and argues that the move helps show the kids the dangers of stereotyping and assuming that “there’s only one type of person.”  Nicholson is now competing at a national level in the British Pole Superstars Championship, and says she intends to keep dancing until she can’t get her leg over her head anymore.


A Northern California man recovering is getting better after being beat up over a stripper.  According to the San Francisco “Chronicle,” the 46-year-old man got in an argument with the dancer over money at a club earlier this week and things apparently got pretty heated.  The stripper was taking a video of him as he was getting more man and he knocked the phone out of her hand.  That’s when officials say a group of other men jumped in and beat him up.  They also took his wallet before running off.


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