Health Effects Of Cellphone Radio Waves To Be Re-Examined

ATLANTA (WAOK) – Concerns about the risks of cellphone radiation persist and U.S. regulators are looking into the matter.

They’re looking into how radio frequencies affect people.

The FCC is seeking comment from health experts on whether standards limiting exposure to phones’ electromagnetic fields should be updated.

The focus is on children. However, officials say they have no reason to think the present standards are inadequate and called the re-examination routine.

  • Health Effects Of Cellphone Radio Waves To Be Re-Examined | Through a Rose Tinted Lens

    […] Up until recently, evaluation of the potential harm from radio waves was calculated solely in terms of whether the radio waves had enough energy to break the molecular bonds in exposed tissues. But the investigation into the links between “naked” scanners and an increase in cancer among TSA workers uncovered a new phenomenon called molecular resonance, in which radio energy that could not break a molecule would start it vibrating. as more radio energy was pumped into the molecule, the shaking would increase until, like the “Galloping Gertie” Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the molecule shakes itself apart. This means that the level of energy at which radio waves cause damage is actually far lower than previously thought, and raises the possibility that a major cause of cancer is the radio-saturated world we live in, which commercial AM/FM, TV, police, aviation, military, amateur, shortwave, etc. all collectively damage our DNA over time.- Mike Rivero, Here’s a little video of galloping gerdie to give you an idea of resonance and how it becomes destructive. […]

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