Too Much Truth – Who Is Responsible?

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick Boazman discusses the actions and bad decisions of today’s teens. Over the weekend, a young man by the name of Caleb Gordley was shot and killed after he accidentally broke into the wrong home. He was out drinking with friends, then tried to sneak back into what he thought was his home. But because his house looked similar to his neighbor’s , he was fatally shot after entering the back window. The neighbor mistook him for an intruder. So who should be held responsible?

Meanwhile in Ohio, two well-known high school football players was sentenced to one year in jail for raping a classmate. On the night in questioned, the girl was intoxicated while at a party. The two boys involved proceeded to touch, take pictures,  and send text messages of the young girl in an inappropriate manner. While this was happening, the young girl was unconscious and unaware of the activities that was taken place. People are saying that even though the two young boys were in the wrong for what they have done, but the young lady should also be held accountable for being drunk. So who should be held responsible?

That was the question of the day as DB discussed theses two topics with his listeners. Click below to find out what you missed.

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