American Teens Spending A Lot Of Time Online

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(Rob Calloway / CBS Atlanta)

(Rob Calloway / CBS Atlanta)

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Technology plays a big role in the lives of American teenagers.  All one-thousand-203 respondents in a new Wikia survey say they’re online for at least one hour a day, and 46-percent admit they’re logged on at least ten hours a day.  Kids don’t give themselves many breaks from technology, either.

Just 63-percent of the 13-to-18-year-olds polled say they’re “unplugged” while at work or school, and only 44-percent are “unplugged” when they do homework.  Forty-five-percent will go off-line when they’re exercising or playing sports, and just 44-percent give their full attention to religious services.

A quarter admit they’ll check their e-mail and other messages within five minutes of waking up, while 73-percent look to see what’s in their inbox during the first hour of their day.

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