It’s hard to look at this car and not smile!

This little wedge of a car can best be summed up in one word.  Fun.

It’s squat, wedge-shape gives it an aggressive stance…and it’s three-door + hatch body make it stand out in a world of me-too-mobiles.

Let’s start with the three doors….one of the Veloster’s most distinctive features.

One door on the drivers’ side….two on the passenger side.  Unusual?  Yes.    Functional?    Yes again.

Rear seat passengers can more safely enter and exit on the curb-side of the Veloster.    But about those rear-seat passengers…….due to the Veloster’s sloping roofline, headroom is going to be an issue.    Two kids?  No problem.

Two adults?  Keep ‘em under 5’5” or so.

Now… do you want your Veloster?   Economy or “GO”?

Velosters start at $18,395 with a non-turbo 138 HP four and a 6-speed stick.  In this version you’ve got a unique little economy car….capable of mid to high 30’s Highway MPG.

Spend another $5,330 and you got yourself a genuine little bad-boy-mobile Turbo.

Your choice of a 6-speed stick or a 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters for $1,000 more.

In addition to 201 HP, the Turbo will get you a wide-open aggressive grill, sport-tuned steering, heated leather with power lumbar, 18” alloys, front and rear LED lighting, better sound and a few attractive trim pieces.

Our Turbo came with a $2,500 “Ultimate” package which got us a front-to-rear panoramic sunroof, backup warning sensors, nav and rear-view camera.

The $1,250 Michelin Pilot Super-Sport summer tires were frosting on the cake.

The tires and the Turbo’s sport steering gave the Veloster go-cart-like responses.

The Turbo is rated at 24 city and 31 highway.   We averaged a little over 29 MPG in a mixed commute. As always, your mileage will depend on how hard you punch the throttle….and with such an eager little Turbo, that’ll take some restraint.

IMGP8866 IMGP8860IMGP8859IMGP8867IMGP8869


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