I’ve been fortunate to hold a number of positions with different companies, many not in radio; but coming to Atlanta to work for CBS and 92.9, I just had  special feeling.

Turns out I was right, as I sat in one of our very first meetings, I remember my Rick Caffey, my big boss, saying that this station was going to be different, “we were going to be the people’s station.” And by that he meant we would literally ingrain ourself to the fabric of this community.

And I’ve been out-and-about meeting you, and the thing I hear the most is, “you give us a place to have our voice heard, you actually take calls and let us speak.” I’ve also heard, “we needed the variety, and you all are breath of fresh air.”

I can speak for all of my co-workers when I tell you we APPRECIATE YOU. We are grateful that you allow us to be this vehicle, this platform in your lives.  And we can’t wait to grow together.

We look forward to hearing more voices and more opinions, as we strive to further serve you.

I know I’m amazed on a daily basis when I hear your calls and read your tweets and texts.

You make me a better broadcaster and for that, I thank YOU!

GOD Bless-

Rachel Baribeau


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