Dr. Dre Joining Forces With Apple For Music Streaming Service

(WAOK)  —  Dr. Dre may be teaming up with Apple Inc. for his Project Daisy music streaming service.  Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly sat down with Beats head Jimmy Iovine in Los Angeles recently to learn more about Daisy.  Sources say that the two spoke about Daisy’s business model, but did not get into details of a possible deal.  Apparently, the meeting was “informational” and spanned a range of music-related topics.  Apple has reportedly been looking to break into the music streaming business as a way to enhance iTunes.

The rumors about an Apple partnership come just after Dre’s Beats announced that they have raised 60-million dollars in funding from investors for Project Daisy.  The big donations have allowed the initiative to become a stand-alone company.  If the project goes forward, Daisy will compete with other music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify.

  • http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/two-superstar-musicians-are-working-on-yet-another-pandora-media-inc-p-competitor-156514/ Two Superstar Musicians Are Working on Yet Another Pandora Media Inc (P) Competitor - Insider Monkey

    […] reports have indicated that Dre’s other partner on the project, Jimmy Iovine, sat down with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook back in March. Apple has long been rumored to be working on its own streaming music service, but Daisy […]

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