HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (CBS Atlanta) – These colors may not run, but an Alabama homeowners group is trying to chase off a veteran’s right to fly his American flag.

A note urging a veteran and his wife to remove the U.S. flag in front of the couple’s condo has created uproar on Facebook, leading to a protest of concerned citizens carrying American flags in front of the condo. WHNT reports that Staff Sgt. Brandon Weir took to Facebook to voice his displeasure after receiving a letter from the Stepping Stone Association on Monday ordering him to remove his flag.

The homeowners association wrote to Weir: “Your flag attached to stairs has to be removed ASAP!”

Since the news broke earlier this week, Carol Coffey, president of the Stepping Stone Association, has been flooded with emails and phone calls, some of them threatening in nature, defending Weir. Coffey told WHNT that request made for Weir to remove the flag is not an attack on basic American rights.

“I served in Afghanistan, I served in Iraq and I served in Kuwait,” Coffley said to WHNT. “I am not anti-veteran and I am not a communist.”

As the flag in front of Weir’s house continues to fly, his supporters have pointed to The Right to Display The American Flag Act of 2005 as their main beef for what they deem to be persecution. But the act contains limitations that protect property owners such as Stepping Stone Condominiums in order to maintain property value.

“I think they are persecuting us without knowing all the facts,” Coffey said. “And here’s one thing that really bothers me, this person got the letter from our management team and instead of coming to the board and expressing his concern he went and posted something on two or three veteran’s sites without all the information and without us knowing anything about it and now we’re being threatened–that’s not right.”


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