Put’em Up

Lets talk about the NFL combine which is a lot of hype if you ask me. It certainly was fun to watch over the last 4 days, but the reality is the NFL Combine is just like College Recruiting YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD A PLAYER IS GOING TO BE! 333 players went to Indy to impress NFL teams with hopes of improving their draft stock. Every scout, GM, Head Coach, and agent was there to witness the spectacle. College recruiting is a big deal, but you don’t how good a player is going to be, which is why a 5 star recruit gets on campus and becomes an average player. Sure there are locks like last years Andrew Luck, but how do you explain Russell Wilson? Who was told coming out of the combine that he was to small to play QB in the NFL.


Through it all…Medical Exams, Psychological test, Field Workouts, Wonderlick, PAT Test you still don’t know how good a player is going to be. The combine is built to save teams money, after evaluating talent and determining where players should fall in the draft, but remember when it comes to projecting how a player will live up to his promise…for that we will just have to wait and see. Stop telling me how good these guys are going to be!

Put’em Up
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