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This blog is not about sports today, although it has a sports connection. As I say on the show “This Show is about life, if you don’t have one get one!” I love sports like you do, but I have a life outside of being a broadcaster, Radio and TV Host, or Media Personality.

Sometimes in life people ask for help, and no ones hears the cry, but in the case of Mindy McCready she tried to get the help needed, but in the end it was to late. Mindy McCready the former country star apparently took her own life Sunday afternoon in Heber Springs, Ark. Authorities say McCready died of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot. She was 37, the mother of two young sons.

McCready has had at least three suicide attempts since 2005 she called her life “a beautiful mess and organized chaos. It’s just always been like that.” Her death comes a month after that of David Wilson, her longtime boyfriend and the father of her youngest son. He is believed to have shot himself and his death also was investigated as a suicide. Just last month she appeared on NBC’s Today show…and NO ONE COULD SEE SHE NEEDED MORE HELP? During the interview she stated that “I just keep telling myself that the more suffering that I go through, the greater character I’ll have,”

It’s unclear what circumstances led to McCready taking her own life, but it appears she was struggling again with twin issues that have persisted for years — substance abuse and the custody of her children. She checked into court-ordered rehab and gave her children up to foster care earlier this month after her father asked a judge to intervene, saying she’d stopped taking care of herself and her sons and was abusing alcohol and prescription drugs.

I heard about her death on Twitter last night.

She made headlines in April 2008 when she claimed a longtime relationship with baseball great Roger Clemens. So I have had many discussion about the so-called Clemens/Mcready relationship having been in Houston, Texas which is also the home of Roger Clemens. Clemens denied the relationship to me and everyone. During this time Roger was denying the claims that he used PED’s so he was in the news a lot. For Me Clemens is the greatest pitcher of the last 25 years the strikeouts, 7 Cy-Young awards, wins , etc. He was as dominate as they get and I have had a great relationship with him over the years, but that did not cloud my opinions of his actions. In 2008 is when I begin to see how troubled MCready was.

She had a turbulent relationship with Billy McKnight, a country singer who is the father of her oldest son. McKnight was arrested in 2005 on charges of attempted murder after authorities say he beat and choked her. During this period she also pleaded guilty to obtaining the painkiller OxyContin fraudulently at a pharmacy and got probation. She violated the probation with a drunken driving arrest in May 2005.

There were at least three suicide attempts between July 2005 and December 2008. She tried to get help in an unusual way, joining the cast of “Celebrity Rehab 3” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. McCready came off as a sympathetic figure during the show’s run. Pinsky called her an “angel” and in an interview in 2010 said it appeared McCready was doing “rather well.” McCready is the fifth celebrity to pass away since appearing on Pinsky’s show and the third from Season 3. Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr and “Real World” participant Joey Kovar both died of overdoses. I’m starting to think Celebrity Rehab is an EPIC FAIL! What about you?

Mindy McCready needed help in the end she was a troubled soul that’s gone to soon.

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