Dead Or Alive?

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So is he dead or alive? That is the question that DB asked the listeners today as we continue to follow the Christopher Dorner manhunt. Last night, police allegedly had him surrounded at a cabin near Big Bear Lake in California. As the standoff continued, the you can see that the cabin is set on fire, which led police to believe that Dorner died in the flames. But what is puzzling about this case is that the police claim that they found his drivers licences in the burned down cabin. Well didn’t they say they found his wallet and I.D. cards near the U.S.-Mexico border?  Also this morning, it was reported that Dorner’s body was found burned inside the cabin, now they are reporting that they are not certain that it is him. So who do we believe? Something in the milk is not clean about this investigation. As we continue to follow the story, keep listening to Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman.

license Dead Or Alive?

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