“Don’t Shoot I’m Not Chris Dorner!”

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White, we talked about people in L.A. living in fear that the LAPD so much that they have resorted to posting signs on their cars stating “I am not Chris Dorner, please don’t shoot!” They are also wearing it on their clothes! We also discussed what President Obama should talk about in the State of the Union Address as well as had Father Pfleger of Chicago on to talk about what they need.

dorner4 Dont Shoot Im Not Chris Dorner!

Listen to what callers had to say and more:

Caller Break 1:

Caller Break 2:

Caller Break 3:

Caller Break 4:

Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger
Father Michael Pfleger and Minister Louis Farrakhan

Caller Break 5 (Father Pfleger):

Caller Break 6 (Father Pfleger):

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