The $25,000 car with the $50K interior

Actually our top-of-the-line Dart Limited was only $24,965…..with everything.

And “everything” pretty much sums up what the Limited is all about.

Of course it has leather….but in the Limited it’s a glove-soft quilted leather that’s much more luxurious than the leather that you’ll find in some German luxury vehicles costing well-over $50,000.

“Everything” also includes a meaty, leather-wrapped heated steering wheel….something that’s just not found on the overage $25K vehicle.   Heck….there are a number of $40, $50…even $60,000 vehicles that don’t offer heated steering wheels.    May sound like a little thing, but if you park outside in the winter, it’s a pretty big deal.

And as for an interesting “little deal”,  the Dart has a hidden storage compartment right under the passenger’s front seat.  Just flip it up and stash a phone or a small purse of notebook.   Kinda’ cool.

Power drivers’ seats, power lumbar, 8.4 inch info screen with backup cam, park-assist, blind-spot detection, remote start, rain-sensitive wipers, dual-zone temp control…even destination charges…all came with that $24,965 sticker.

That’s a lotta’ content for not a lot of cash.

Darts come in 5 different versions….soon to be six.

If basic 4-door transportation is all you need, you can get into a Dart for $16,790 list….including destination charges.

The SXT adds the basic content that most people will want for a couple thousand more.

The “Rallye” is today’s sport version…with a special exhaust and trim pieces…and starts at just under $20K.   Soon there’ll be a Dodge Dart GT with 184 HP and some serious performance pieces.

The “Aero” is their mileage champ…scoring 41 MPG highway due to it’s 1.4 liter turbo and an array of gas-saving aerodynamic features. It starts at only $700 less than our Limited’s base price of $20,790.

Most of the Darts that you’ll see right now have a 2.0 liter, 160 HP four-cylinder rated at 24 city and 34 highway.   When driven pretty hard and fast, I still couldn’t get less than 27 MPG……and when driven around 70 on the expressway, high-thirties was no problem.

The little 1.4 Turbo is a bit more economical, and while it has the same 160 HP as it’s 2.0 brother, the turbo gives it a bit more punch off the line.

Interestingly, thanks to Chrysler’s connection to Fiat and Alfa Romeo, this is the same engine that’s used in the little hot-hatch Fiat Abarth.

The 2.4 liter, 184 HP engine coming out in a few months may only see duty in the yet-to-be launched GT.   Stay tuned.

You’ll have three transmission choices as well.   The expected 6-speed stick, and two 6-speed automatics.  One is a conventional 6-speed and the other is a dual-clutch 6-speed.

With three engines, three transmissions, and six trim levels, if you want a roomy, economical, and easy-to-park vehicle, the Dart will give you plenty to choose from!




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