Former NFL Coach Dick Vermeil on Game Time

vermeil Former NFL Coach Dick Vermeil on Game Time
Former Rams and Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil joined Game Time live in New Orleans. He chatted with the team about his experience in Super Bowls and what the Ravens and Niners would need to do to win.

(on Tony Gonzalez) – “Tony Gonzalez is one of the finest individuals I’ve ever been with as a person and a coach. He’s is an unbelievable person and talent. While the 5% still leaves open a window, I think he’s done. I have great admiration of him and he is a smart guy, so if he says he’s retiring, he’s probably going to do just that.”

(on the new hires in the NFL) – “I’m an Andy Reid fan and when he called me to say he was approached by Kansas City, I told him to go for it. Every coach goes through a down period, and Andy will bounce back.”

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