I am exhausted! But not complaining about it.  What an amazing weekend in Washington DC for President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration.  I participated in the first one in 2009 and never thought anything could top that experience, but I was wrong.  This time, the access was better, the weather was not as bad and the people, the atmosphere, the love was flowing in DC along with all the champagne.  So here’s the wrap-up:

Day One (Friday, Jan.18th)

I took my flight from Atlanta early so I could get to DC and pick up my tickets, press credentials and have some time to hang out and walk the streets to take in the environment.  I first stopped at the Convention Center to get my press credentials, it was so exciting because it was the first time I have ever been issued an official Secret Service clearance (I can’t post the pass because the SS will come get me).  Then, I went to the Rayburn House Building to say hello to my GA Congressmen and ran into Mereda Johnson, wife of Congressman Hank Johnson and there I got my tickets to the swearing in.  Yeah!

Press Credentials Inaug 2013Rayburn House Bldg DCMereda Johnson & ISwearing In Tickets

Next, I headed to Union Station to meet some friends and take in all the excitement.  Next, on to my favorite people watching spot in DC, the Capitol Hilton.  I ran into John Legend and his manager Hassan and he told me all about the activities he was taking part in, I saw Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, Governor O’Malley of MD and tons of GA folks just hanging out and relaxing before all the events began.  It was a basic chill day on Friday.

The Capitol BldgSuper ObamaUnion Station Vendors with Obama GearAll Obama!

Day Two (Saturday, Jan.19th)

I woke up early in order to attend the National Day of Service, a day President Obama wanted Americans to give back.  There was a huge tent on the National Mall filled with hundreds of service organizations, signing people up for community service, giving folks tips and education on an array of topics and guests speakers to encourage and thank all the Americans that make our country better for the least of us.  First Lady Michelle Obama sent a message to all attendees that was inspiring.  It was one of my favorite events.  Check it out.

IMG_5262 IMG_5263 IMG_5267 IMG_5272 IMG_5273 IMG_1344 IMG_1346 IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1353 IMG_1357 IMG_1361

After that, I headed for a walk around the National Mall, took in the Washington Monument and was heading to the King Memorial when I realized that all the streets were being closed up, Secret Service was everywhere.  OMG, I am in the middle of the Presidential Motorcade heading back to the White House!  Yippee!  Here’s our President maxing and relaxing in the Beast.  Look for the waving hand!  Quick fact:  An ambulance follows the Presidential motorcade at all times, just in case something should happen to POTUS.  (I love that)

IMG_1366 IMG_1378 IMG_1382 IMG_1388 IMG_1390 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1395 IMG_1397 IMG_1400

Time to party!  First Ball I attended was given by the blog website TheRoot.com and took place at the National Museum of American History.  Let me tell you, these museum parties are amazing and so much to see while you eat and drink.  Not sure if I was able to take it all in because I kept getting pulled in a million directions to check out the museum, dance when a good song came on, take pictures, etc.  So many good folks were there from Mayor Reed to Morris Chestnut to Chris Tucker to my favorite college president, Dr. Johnetta Cole (she was President of Spelman while I was there).  Enjoy the pics:

IMG_5292IMG_5277 IMG_5280 IMG_5285 IMG_5289 IMG_5291

Day Three (Sunday, Jan. 20th)

Falcons Rise Up!  Ok, so they didn’t but that’s how Sunday started off.  I got a call from Congressman Hank Johnson to come back to his office because he was switching out my standing tickets for the swearing in to SEATED tickets!  Jackpot!  I was so happy.  So, off to watch the Falcon’s game with my favorite Atliens at the Old Dominion Brewhouse.  I ran into so many of my friends and many of my sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Then, when the Falcons lost, I needed a nap before the evening activities.  Got up, headed to the Hip Hop Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts (another great venue) sponsored by Russell Simmons, Ben Chavis and others.  It started with an awards show featuring John Legend, MC Lyte, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz (yes, he received an award), Voto Latino (the award was accepted by Rosario Dawson) and a special performance by Doug E Fresh, Wayne Brady (who is now apparently a rapper), Yoyo and Lil Mama.  I ran into Dikembe Motumbo, Kenny Lattimore, 2 Chainz, and Swiss Beatz (Bronx homie).  The after party was at Saks hosted by White House Advisor Rick Wade which was a total blast.  Then, I had to turn in for the big next day.

IMG_5297IMG_5307IMG_5308IMG_5309 IMG_5333 IMG_5331 IMG_5330 IMG_5329 IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5325 IMG_5320 IMG_5318 IMG_5315 IMG_5314 IMG_5312  IMG_5334

Day Four (Monday, Jan. 21st INAUGURATION DAY)

Finally, the day is here.  It’s time for the 44th President of the United States to take his second oath of office.  I headed down to the Capitol where there were long lines getting into the Red Gate (see ticket below).  I met the head of the Democratic Party of Wyoming and talked about “the black vote” while we waited in line.  When we got to the area, it was packed and there were no seats until I heard someone yelling my name.  “MO, MO”.  I found a seat!  Amen.  I was sitting with Robi Reed, the casting director for most of Spike Lee’s movies and a very successful sister.  Then, the ceremony began.  It was cold but it didn’t matter.  It was a wonderful experience from Sasha and Malia playing around on the platform to Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson belting it out.  Then President Obama’s speech made some cry and others sit in wonder.  All the while, there was a anti-abortion protestor that climbed into a tree and hung on for dear life while screaming “Save the Babies” the entire inauguration.  Many of us wondered why the Secret Service didn’t come get him, but they must have had their reasons.  All in all, the swearing in experience from a seat was awesome beyond words.  Check out the pics.

IMG_5338IMG_5340 IMG_5359IMG_5339IMG_5343 IMG_5346    IMG_5355IMG_5353 IMG_1415 IMG_1417IMG_1432 IMG_1411 IMG_1420IMG_1424IMG_1410IMG_1436IMG_1433IMG_1454IMG_1486IMG_1459 IMG_1515IMG_1513 IMG_1534IMG_1545IMG_1562IMG_1580IMG_1573IMG_1574

After the swearing in, I caught a bite to eat and watched the parade for an hour or so before it was time to get dressed for the Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center and then the BET Ball at the American Museum Portrait Gallery.  The Inaugural Ball was just OKAY and I say that because it was really really crowded, there were concrete floors in the ballroom which was hard on the feet, no food (well there was chex mix) and the performances very short.  So, I saw Alicia Keys, the Obama’s dance and Stevie Wonder.  I left satisfied but not raving.  Off to the BET Ball and all I can say is BIG FUN!!!!  Open bar, carving stations, red velvet cake, celebrities galore and a great concert featuring Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Doug E Fresh and then BBD!  Can you say “Poison..never trust a big butt and a smile”.  Hmmm.   Anyway, it was an awesome wrap-up to a great Inauguration 2013 experience!



IMG_5394 IMG_5388IMG_5392IMG_5426 IMG_5410IMG_5404IMG_5403IMG_5377

Doug E Fresh

IMG_5408 IMG_5405




IMG_5402 IMG_5396


IMG_5399 IMG_5398

Day Five (Tuesday, Jan 22nd)

Catching flight home to Atlanta…glad to be back in the A!   Thank you Mr. President and the Presidential Inaugural Committee for a fabulous time in DC.


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