Is There Love In War Or Is It Love And War?

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Lorraine Jacques White
Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White, we had two special guest in studio, Tamar and Vince from the Tamar and Vince show on We Tv. Tamar talked about her new song “Love and War” and some upcoming things for her. We also talked about a man named Bishop Trotter taking a bubble bath with his four-year-old granddaughter as well as Morehouse adding a LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual and Queer) program to the school circulum.

Watch Tamar’s New Video:

Here’s what Tamar had to say:

Listen to what the callers had to say about Bishop Trotter:

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Listen to what callers had to say about Morehouse adding the LGBTQ program:

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

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