The Mo Ivory Show…Free Your Mind Friday – 1/11

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It’s Free Your Mind Friday on The Mo Ivory Show, and Mo decided to free her mind by calling out  her very own hypocrisy in an interesting blog she wrote about the drama series “Scandal.”

The conversation became increasingly heated after a caller made the comment that her and her friends applauded Olivia Pope’s character because “she was a black woman chosen by a powerful white man”

MO- 1-11-13–2

MO- 1-11-13–5

MO- 1-11-13–6

MO- 1-11-13–7

MO- 1-11-13–8

MO- 1-11-13–9

MO- 1-11-13–10

MO- 1-11-13–11


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