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The Mo Ivory Show – It’s Free Your Mind Friday 1/4/13

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It’s Free Your Mind Friday on The Mo Ivory Show! Anything that’s on your mind, just call Mo up and let her know what it is.

Mo free’s her mind about:

The new Clayton County Commission and speaks with Shayna Rooks the new Commissioner of Clayton County.

Governor Deal decides not to suspend Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill despite pending indictment charges. Sherriff Hill’s Attorney, Drew Findling talks with Mo about what exactly this means for Sheriff Hill.

And Snoop Dogg wants to show his kids how to smoke marijuana “the right way???” Mo Free’s Her Mind thorougly on that one.

MO- 1-4-13 –1

MO- 1-4-13 –2

MO- 1-4-13 –3

This Free Your Mind Friday took an interesting twist thanks to one of our loyal listeners and callers towards traditional marriage and can it really exist in this day and age.

MO- 1-4-13 –4

MO- 1-4-13 –5

MO- 1-4-13 –6

MO- 1-4-13 –7

MO- 1-4-13 –8

MO- 1-4-13 –9

MO- 1-4-13 –10

MO- 1-4-13 –11


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