A little bit of both, actually.

Yes, the ILX “brother” is the high-performance Honda Civic S….they’re both made from the same frame, engine and transmission….but those are some of the best pieces around to build a true drivers’ car.

And maybe we were spoiled, as our test ILX came with a rather rare 6-speed manual.  Probably less than 5% of all the ILX’s sold will have stick shifts…with the rest having 5-speed automatics, or in the case of the Hybrid, a continuously variable auto.

The 6-speed stick is a rare treat for those willing to hang up their phones and drive with both hands.   It’s one of the smoothest-shifting transmissions on the market…and it’s hooked up to a 201 HP, 2.4 liter 4-cylinder that revs like the proverbial sewing machine.   Excellent suspension and steering, too.

Let’s face it…stick shifts can be a bit much in Atlanta traffic.  Not this one, tho’.

The transmission and the clutch are so smooth and easy to shift…it’s almost like they were thought-controlled.  Bring on the bumper-to-bumper….no prob.

And that’s where the comparison to the 3-Series come from. They’re both exceptionally fun-to-drive premium machines.  Sure, the ILX is slower than a 3-Series…it’s also somewhere between 7 and 15  thousand less than the average 3-Series.  But the smiles on the faces of both drivers…..very comparable!

Now, again, the ILX Premium is the performance car in Acura’s new ILX line….coming with moonroof, perforated, heated leather, 7-speaker sound, air-filtration, 17” alloys, backup camera, hands-free Bluetooth and more.

It lists for $30,095 including transportation….and is rated at 25 MPG city and 31 Highway.

Acura’s new ILX also comes in more conventional versions….with a 150 HP 2.0 4-cylinder and a 5-speed auto that starts at $26,795…rated at 24 city and 35 Hwy, and a hybrid that starts at $29,795 …rated at 39 city and 38 highway.

But if you go with the 6-speed manual “Premium” version….I’m here to tell you, you could get as many “smiles-per-mile” as you’d get spending thousands more!DSCN3734DSCN3733



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