Power Talk Exclusive With Artur Davis

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Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we had a fun!!  We talked about all the latest topic, and allowed listeners to have a day of “Free Speech”!  Our special guest was Artur Davis, who has gain a lot of attention due to his recent switch to the Republican Party from the Democratic Party. Artur Davis is a former four-term Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Alabama and a current fellow at Harvard’s prestigious Institute of Politics. Despite today’s hyper-partisan environment, Davis has made a career of advocating for the ever-narrowing political middle.  Davis has never been afraid to challenge the left or the right – whether questioning liberals on Occupy Wall Street and voter ID laws or conservatives on the influence of big money in politics.

Recently, Artur Davis has been challenged for his strong opposition to the re-election of President Barack Obama.  The show was heated, and Artur Davis gave us the truth!!

Take a listen to the show!

Artur Davis 1:


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