On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we had our daily dose of Obama talk!!  President Obama has been the subject of many African-American Leaders conversation lately, and some of them have not been happy with the outlook on his 2nd term.  In addition, a great deal of people feel that the President should carry a “Black Agenda” over the next 4 years.

Recently, Dr. Cornel West stated during an interview that President Obama was a “White Republican with A Black Face”, and that he does not have black people’s best interest.  This comment has caused outrage around the country.

Our special guest was Toure from the show “The Cycle” on MSNBC.  He wrote and article entitled “What’s Behind Cornel West’s Attack on Obama”.  He called into the show to explain why so many black leaders,  including Cornel West, are so angry with the President.

Take a listen to Toure’s Interview!!

Toure 1:

Toure 2:

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