On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we talked with Dr. Darron Smith. He wrote the article “The Messianic Return of President Obama – Can and Will He Lead Blacks to Promise Land?”

 Dr. Smith holds the doctoral degree from the University of Utah in the Department Education, Culture & Society. His research focus includes Blacks in the LDS Church, inequalities that pertain to African-Americans and other Americans of color—mainly the impact of discrimination on healthcare practitioners, social determinants of health, and White parents adopting Black children.

 He called in to share his thought on the potential of President Obama, having a black agenda this term.  He does not feel that Barack Obama is the man to get African-American all the things they deserve.  In addition, he stated that  President Obama has taken care of other nationalities, but has yet to satisfy his own race.


The show was HOT!!


Take a listen………


Darron Smith 1:

Darron Smith 2:

Darron Smith 3:

Darron Smith 4:

Darron Smith 5:

Darron Smith 6:


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