PHILADELPHIA (WAOK)—Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick suffered a concussion after Sunday’s game, which could possibly place his future in jeopardy.

After seeing Vick looking “groggy” in the locker room, head coach Andy Reid told him to stay home and get some rest. Andy Reid still made it clear that Vick is the starting quarterback; however, depending on Vick’s test results, rookie quarterback Nick Foles might make his first career start this Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

“I’ve got confidence that Nick will do a nice job, if given that opportunity,” said Reid. “Listen, I get excited for every game, but if the kid has an opportunity to start, I’m excited to see him play.”

Vick complained to Andy Reid of having a headache and being fatigue on Monday. While Vick is on bed rest, Foles will be taking snaps at practice when the Eagles return to practice on Wednesday.

Fed up Philadelphia fans hope if Foles starts in this Sunday’s game, that it could positively change the flow of this season. The decision of Vick’s condition will be announced on Wednesday.

Submitted by: Brent Yancy, Student Writer


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