ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have, in the past, extolled the virtues of drinking moderate amounts of red wine.

A study conducted by the CDC and published in the American Journal of Public Health found that red wine could even reduce stroke risks in female drinkers, the website Wine Spectator learned.

But now, researchers at the University of Cambridge have found another benefit to consuming red wine – specifically for breast cancer patients.

According to the website Medical Daily, scientists at the university observed 13,525 women living with breast cancer for seven years, chronicling each patient’s body mass index and weekly alcohol intake for the duration of the study.

Researchers reportedly found that women who enjoyed approximately three and a half small glasses of wine per week were ten percent more likely to survive the cancer than those who didn’t imbibe.

Red wine may also play a role in preventative care for women at risk of breast cancer – earlier this year, CBS Atlanta learned of a study by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that concluded as such.

The University of Cambridge allegedly did not specify whether men suffering from breast cancer would experience similar results from drinking red wine in moderation, Medical Daily reported.

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