Let’s see now…Legendary Lexus luxury, comfort, style….and 40 MPG.

Hello?  What’s not to like?

Yes…this is a legit 40 MPG luxury car.   It feels and performs much like it’s gas-engined cousin…but has a 4-cylinder + battery power doing the work.

It’s even priced in the ballpark with it’s gas-engined cousin.   The only thing that you’re giving up is about one golf-bag’s worth of trunk space.   That’s where the battery goes.

Other than that, the ES 350 Hybrid is all Lexus.    Wood….leather….outstanding sound system…all the connectivity that you’d expect….moonroof….everything that you’d want….plus 40 MPG….on regular.

Unless you really need that extra golf bag’s worth of trunk space, the ES 300h Hybrid is almost a no-brainer.

And here’s a little “extra” if you’re a typical Atlanta commuter…and you haven’t driven a hybrid before.   You’ll find our traffic jams a little more tolerable.   The worse the traffic gets, the better mileage that your hybrid will get….as you’re usually going almost –all-electric when traffic’s crawling along at 15 miles per hour.

Then when the traffic clears out, just put it in “Sport” and enjoy performance along with your economy.

While the equipment is going to vary a little bit, a standard gas-engined ES 350 starts at $36,995….and the hybrid 300h is $39,745.    That’s a difference of just $2,750.   If you drive 15,000 miles a year, you’ll save around $70 a month in gas…enough so that you’ll make up the hybrid’s price premium in a little over three years….if gas prices just stay where they are.

And if they rise, you’ll just be that much smarter.

Our ES 300h came with a few additional options like high-intensity headlights, heated seats, hard-disc drive nav with voice-command, memory for everything, plus bamboo wood trim…and listed at $44,524.

Again…typical Lexus luxury…no appreciable loss in performance…plus the new status conferred by being “green”.   All yours for just a few thousand more than a “regular” Lexus.    Really….what’s not to like?dscn3415 2013 Lexus 300hdscn3414 2013 Lexus 300hdscn3417 2013 Lexus 300hdscn3418 2013 Lexus 300hdscn3421 2013 Lexus 300hdscn3416 2013 Lexus 300h


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