Power Talk Exclusive: “Black Pastors Are Being Paid $20,000 To Sway Congregations To Not To Vote For Obama”

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Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we had an exclusive interview with a Rev. Charles Williams II , a black pastor from Detroit.  He  was on the show to discuss the growing issue with Black Pastors telling their congregations how to vote.  Rev. Williams is the Senior Pastor at Historic King Solomon Baptist Church, and the President of the National Action Network in Detroit.  He wrote an article entitled “The Miseducation of the Negro Pastors Urging Congregations Not To Vote” that was featured on the Huffington Post.

In our interview Rev. Williams discussed the reason behind many Black Pastors Anti-Obama efforts, and he also shared some very revealing information about the ties these Pastors have with the Republicans.  The show was steamy!!

Take a listen to the show!

Rev. Williams Clip 1:

Rev. Williams Clip 2:

Rev. Williams Clip 3:

Rev. Williams Clip 4:

Rev. Williams Clip 5:


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