Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White  we touched on the issue of voter suppression.  There has been an effort around the country, and more specifically in swing states in Ohio to intimidate voters during the 2012 Presidential Election.  In many urban areas there have been billboard put up discouraging voting, and threatening jail time for voter fraud.  In addition, in the state of Ohio it has been rumored that Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney has an interest in a company connected to voting machines used in that state.

Our special guest today was Ohio Senator Nina Turner, who aggressively fighting against voter suppression in the state .State Senator Nina Turner represents Cleveland and the 25th Senate District. She joined the Ohio Senate in September 2008 after serving on Cleveland City Council. An outspoken advocate of the disenfranchised and under-represented, Senator Turner believes that if individuals are provided with the means they will craft for themselves their own American dream.

She called in to let us know the truth about voter suppression in the state of Ohio, and what is being done to eliminate any form of intimidation amongst voters in her state, and around the country.

Take a listen to today’s show!!

Voter Suppression 1:

Voter Suppression 2:

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