ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta/WAOK) – On “Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White,” Rev. Wayne Perryman, an African-American minister and historian from the state of Washington, said that President Barack Obama does not deserve a second term in office.

“From a minister and a Christian standpoint, I just don’t feel that he measures up to what I feel the Bible says, and how we should view our vote according to what the scripture says and what the old-time black preachers have taught us over the years,” he said on the air.

He added, “Obama had his chance for four years.”

Jacques-White asked Perryman about his stance during a segment on the show about black pastors who encourage their congregations to vote instead for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

“My position is that blacks must vote their values and value their vote and that they must vote for the kinds of things that enhance our communities and our people, regardless of who is in the White House,” he said. “We have to start looking out for ourselves, because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are looking out [for] us.”

Perryman highlighted other interest groups who he feels are making their personal interests a priority.

“The gays look out for themselves, the women look out for themselves, the unions look out for themselves, the Latinos look out for themselves. Everybody’s looking out for themselves but there’s not one thing that’s placed on the table where they’re addressing the issues of African-Americans.”

Perryman is the man behind the highly controversial commercial against Obama being aired on the BET Network.  The ad shows two young African-Americans discussing their mutual disappointment with Obama.  Perryman partnered with the CEO of Pivot Point to get the ad on the air. In addition to the ad, he also penned a book on the matter – “Blacks, Whites, and Racist Democrats.”

He also filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party and Obama himself.

“When you look at the institution of slavery and consider the fact that the Democratic Party is the party that gave their lives to support and maintain that institution, one can understand why the name “Democrat” ends with the word ‘rat’ and why I filed my lawsuit against the Democratic Party,” he said in explanation on his official website.

He added on the air that Obama’s refusal to apologize for the party’s role in slavery was why he was included in the suit.

Perryman is one of a number of African-American religious leaders who have been vocalizing their displeasure and frustration with the Obama administration in the months leading up to the Nov. 6 election.

Listen to the clips below to hear the entire heated exchange:

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