HACKLEBURG, Ala. (CBS Atlanta)– An Alabama man says a dog and her four puppies help rescued a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome.

The boy was lost in the woods for 18 hours, according to WAFF-TV.

“Those puppies kept him company, they kept him warm and comfortable,” Jamie Swinney told WAFF-TV.  “We don’t know what would have happened to him had the puppies not been with him.  And credit goes to the mother dog for leading me to the boy.”

Police believe that Kyle Camp followed his family’s dog and her puppies out of the home and about a mile and a half into the woods.

Many townspeople helped police search for Camp.

Swinney found the boy wet, shivering, and shoeless in a creek.  According to reports, his bare feet were submerged in water and the four puppies were piled on the boy.

“I know Jamie dropped everything he was doing to find that child,” Swinney’s mother, Joan Swinney told the station.  “He was yelling into the woods for him, ‘I’m coming for you, Buddy, I’m coming.’  I knew he wouldn’t give up finding a friend’s child.  When he found the child, he was hungry, cold and afraid, and Jamie handed him his Dr. Pepper.”

Swinney feels he should not take the credit.

“I knew if anyone was going to find the boy it was going to be the mother of the puppies and I all I had to do was follow the mother dog,” he added.  “She had been barking and running along and I took off after her.”


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