I’m always game for a good Scrabble throw down.  Get the chips, plain paper for keeping score, drinks on the floor so the board doesn’t get messy or wet and bring your best new words!  My 14-year-old daughter gets very frustrated because the bottom line is, I always win.  Here’s why.  I have more words based on my life experiences, my education and the fact that I read a whole lot more than she does, which is another whole blog.  Nonetheless, I have more words!  Second, I know what my words mean.  No matter how much she has prepared for the game, thinking she has a new arsenal of words, she doesn’t always know what they mean, she can’t clearly set forth in SPECIFICS their meaning and how they are used in a sentence.  Third, she has a hard time connecting the letter and words.  A letter that seems so obvious to me, is so hard for her to see as a definitive word.  When she gets really stumped, she just stares at me with big eyes that say “I don’t really have a word!”

Watching the VP Debate reminded me of playing Scrabble with my daughter.  VP Biden came in swinging, it was a throw down.  He was strong and was the elder in the room.  He was clearly more experienced, more knowledgeable on the issues, more factual, more vice presidential!  VP Biden had more words!  Experience!  Knowledge!  Paul Ryan was respectful as he should have been.  He practiced his outline and answers like he should have.  He was quizzed before the test and then he came with his #2 pencils and was ready to go.  Only problem, there was a person in the room that was smarter, more prepared, had seen this scenario many times before and knew certain key things like foreign policy, job creation, social security, medicare and history.  VP Biden had more life experience and more words.

Knowing what you are saying…matters.  Specifics…matter.  That was never more evident than in last night’s debate.  Paul Ryan does not have an understanding of foreign policy that qualifies him to be Vice President and one day President if something were to happen to Romney.  Did you notice how uncomfortable he became with Martha Raddatz began to ask him about the war in Afghanistan?  Libya?  Syria? Not to mention, the economy.  She kept asking him to give her specifics on how Romney/Ryan would fix the economy, build jobs, lower taxes on the middle class and he could not give anything but what he calls “the framework”.  Oh crap!  There they go asking me for specifics again.  Paul Ryan…go home!   The American people deserve an answer from you and Mitt on your SPECIFIC plans for creating jobs, lowering taxes, balancing the budget, lowering the deficit, funding Medicaid, Social Security and providing Healthcare for all Americans.  In Scrabble, if you introduce a new word, you have to defend its meaning in order to use it.  Paul Ryan did a terrible job of defending his positions and it made him look like a schoolboy trying to play with the big boys.  I was not bothered at all by VP Biden’s laughing, smirking or interrupting.  I do the same thing when I play Scrabble.

Paul Ryan could not connect any of his thoughts to a plan that would or could actually work.  Let’s look at the debate around Afghanistan.  Should we have pulled out or stay longer was the real question.  VP Biden clearly stated that we would be out of Afghanistan by 2014 and it was up to the Afghan soldiers to protect their land and people.  When Paul Ryan began talking about it, it was clear that his and Romney’s position was unknown to him.  He talked in circles about the withdrawal of troops and fighting seasons.  And basically made himself out to be a novice when it comes to foreign policy.  It was embarrassing.

My favorite part of the debate is when VP Joe Biden would turn to the camera and talk to the American people.  I felt like I was talking to a man who could understand the struggles of the average American trying to pay their bills, educate their kids, save their home and dream of a retirement in the future.  I walked away from that debate feeling good about my President and my Vice President.  I could not relate to Paul Ryan, who felt artificial, practiced, inauthentic, insincere and mostly unprepared to lead this country in the 2nd seat.

My favorite line of the night from VP Biden which can also be used during a good Scrabble throw down…”Get Out of the Way, Show Me Something!”

4 More Years!

 The VP Debate Was Like Playing Scrabble with My 14 Year Old Daughter



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