If you really must have it all…luxury, room, performance, AND economy, you might want to put the Lexus GS 450h on your shopping list.

Actually…by a tenth of a second…the GS 450h is the fastest of any of the models in the GS series…thanks to it’s combination of battery power plus a 3.5 liter V-6 engine.

Combined, they make 338 HP, vs the 306 HP in the GS 350 and 350 F Sport.

And they deliver EPA #’s of 29 city and 34 highway…compared to the 28 highway MPG of the other GS models.

Your only sacrifice?   Money and a little trunk space…as that’s where the battery goes.

As for the money part, the hybrid runs a little over six thousand more than the GS 350 F Sport…with our GS 450h stickering at $68,645

You probably won’t get in the GS 450h and find anything missing, though.

The big, thick bamboo and leather heated steering wheel is probably the first thing to jump out at you…followed by a pair of welcoming heated and cooled perforated leather front seats…all just part of what makes a Lexus a Lexus.

Nice little Lexus touches include auto-dimming mirrors, a smog-sensor / air filter, power rear sunshades and rain-sensing wipers.   With the GS 450h’s air filter, you can get behind the dirtiest, smoke-belching diesel and not smell a thing!

On top of the $58,950 base price, our test GS 450h came with around $9,000 in options that included 18” alloys, LED headlamps, semi-aniline leather, 18-way power seats with memory, a 17-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround-Sound audio system and more.  The sound system is truly concert-hall quality…maybe even better.

So…if you want your GS 450h to be an economy car, have at it.  Just put it in”eco”, and you’ll be driving perhaps the most luxurious golf cart ever…running on the battery system until you really gun it.   BUT……We got 31 MPG in “eco” during our usual I-85 / in-town commute…..almost 35 in “Normal” with a little more freeway driving….and close to 33 in “Sport”.   Go figure.

If you can afford the 60+ stacks for this ride, yo’re not really going to fixate over one or two miles per gallon, are you?.   Enjoy life. Turn the dial to the “sport” setting and appreciate luxury, performance and 30+ MPG….all in one tidy package, OK?

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