DOUGLASVILLE – A Douglas county judge will now have to rule on Tracen Franklin’s sentencing,   after the jury told the judge they were at a stalemate over whether Franklin should receive the death penalty,  for the stomping death of Bobby Tillman.  Jurors deliberated for 11 hours,    but told judge William McClain,  that they were at a 10-2 impasse,  and couldn’t agree on the appropriate punishment for Franklin,  who was convicted of  Tillman’s  murder,  last week.   The hung jury,   also closes the door on consideration of the death penalty in this case.  Franklin was charged,  along with 3 others in the Tillman beating,  that happened at a Douglasville house party in November of 20-10.  The incident ignited national outrage and awareness about teen bullying.   The judge will now have to decide whether Franklin spends his life in prison,   or life with the possibility of parole.


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