Mobile, Ala. (CBS ATLANTA) — Unlike most television users, Joseph Azzem’s biggest problem was over-paying his cable bill.

Azzem, who is 86 years old, has been a loyal Comcast customer in Mobile, Alabama for more than 25 years. But two months ago, he made a simple calculation error on his online bill that cost him a lot of money. Instead of paying his usual $64.53 bill, he left out the decimal point – and paid $6,453.00.

“I’m not a customer that tries to cheat them out of their money,” Azzem told WKRG News of Mobile. “I pay every month right on time, they can check the records.”

A week later, Mr. Azzem noticed the mathematical mistake.

“It was about a week later I was reviewing some of the paid bills, and I seen that there. I called the bank, and they said it had already been processed, there was nothing they could do.”

His daughter Lisa has been trying to get her dad’s money back ever since, but she says all Comcast ever offers is a credit toward future payments. That would last until he’s 94.

“We calculated it would take 8-and-a-half years to use that credit, and you know, he’s 86 years old,” Lisa Teague told CBS Mobile. “It is a mistake, everybody makes mistakes, and it doesn’t matter if he has the money or not to pay that, it’s his money, and he deserves it back.”

After learning about Joseph Azzem’s troubles, News 5 stopped by the local Comcast office. A representative promised to look into the matter. It took a visit, several phone calls, and seven hours to hear back, but after Comcast learned that News 5 was reporting on this story, they emailed us this statement:

“We are issuing a full refund to Mr. Azzem, and we apologize for not reimbursing him sooner after his inadvertent payment was first brought to our attention.”

WKRG has not heard when exactly the money will be refunded, but it is surely a statement that Mr. Azzem is relieved to hear.

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