ATLANTA – (WAOK/AJC) –  The man who says he shot a former Georgia State soccer player early Sunday,  surrendered to police on Friday.  29-year old Emery Parrish says he shot 23 year old Ayekunle Lumpkin in self defense,  after he says Lumpkin and his friends attacked him.  It happened outside a home on Milton Street,  in southeast Atlanta,  during what police say was a party,  Saturday night.   Parrish’s lawyer says his client hit a car that belonged to a friend of Lumpkin’s and that he stopped to inspect the damage,  when he says a group of people confronted him and wouldn’t let him leave.  Parrish says he told them,  he had a license and insurance,  and was trying to retrieve it,  when he says Lumpkin became more aggressive,  and got in his car.   He claims  he showed him the gun,  but says Lumpkin would not move.   He says he then fired the gun to defend himself,   striking Lumpkin,  who later died.  Parrish’s lawyer,  Dennis Scheib,  says he shouldn’t have  had a weapon,  because he’s a convicted felon.   Lumpkin’s family doesn’t believe Parrish’s account of events that night.  Hiss funeral is set for Wednesday.


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