ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — Researchers have discovered that women subconsciously reveal that they are ovulating through their dance moves.

The study, conducted at the University of Göttingen in Germany, found that men viewed ovulating women as more attractive on the dance floor than women who were in less-fertile phases of their monthly cycles.

“These changes are subtle, and women may not always be consciously aware of them,” researcher Bernhard Fink told LiveScience. “However, men seem to derive information on women’s fertility status from these cues.”

The idea of a woman’s behavior indicating fertility is nothing new – multiple studies have indicated as such in the past. And according to the science website, one study even found that exotic dancers working while ovulating received higher tips at those times of their cycle than when they were not.

For this particular study, researchers hypothesized that changes in the amounts of estrogen produced by the body during ovulation could affect the strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments, causing a shift in how a woman moves.

Its findings, in addition to other corroborating studies, negate earlier scientific assertions that women can hide their ovulation from men.

“The study shows — once again — that the common assertion of a ‘concealed ovulation’ in human females needs to be reconsidered,” Fink told LiveScience.

The study was published in June in a journal called Personality and Individual Differences.


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