How to feel 20-something again for just $26,085!

Yes…Toyota’s new Scion FR-S can make you feel years younger…if not decades!

Just get used to having people wave…give you the “thumbs-up…and come over for a closer look whenever you’re parked.

In short, everybody who saw this car loved it…and for good reason.   It’s truly a sexy-looking little thing.

Scion’s FR-S is their new 2+2 rear-wheel-drive sports car, jointly developed with Subaru, who has their own version.   Save for a few trim pieces, options, interior, and a suspension tweak or two, they’re virtual twins.

Let’s start with the size…and explain the 2+2.  The FR-S is small….between a Mazda Miata and Honda Civic S in size.   You’re going to be looking up at almost every other vehicle on the road.   And while the FR-S does have two rear seats, they’re best used for throwing gear / luggage / laptops…as there’s virtually no actual useable legroom unless the front seats are at their most forward position.

And that’s OK…because the FR-S is really meant for one or two people to hit the road and just have fun.

And “fun” where this car shines!  The FR-S is a real drivers’ car.  Light, lithe and agile.   Powered by a 2.0 liter, 200 HP, 4-cylinder “boxer” engine ( from Subaru ), the FR-S doesn’t exactly sound like a powerful design, but due to it’s light weight and nimble size, the FR-S delivers just fine, thank you, when you put your foot into it.

And here’s a happy surprise.   Due to that light weight and efficient packaging, Scion’s FR-S has two distinct personalities.  Drive it “normal” ( if you can ) and the FR-S will deliver you mileage in the low to mid 30’s….giving you a fashion-forward economy car.   Hit it hard and you’ll have a feisty performer…and you’ll still get mileage in the mid-to-high 20’s.   It’s rated at 25 city and 34 highway.   We averaged a little over 31.

The FR-S comes standard with air, traction control, an 8-speaker sound system, and an old fashioned six-speed manual.   Ours had a six-speed automatic with excellent paddle-shifters and both power and snow settings for the transmission….and listed for $26,085.   If you go with the stick, you’ll save $1,100.

Don’t even think about texting and driving this car.   With its’ fast and communicative steering, you’ can move over a lane with just a twitch of the wheel.    Just put the phone down…drive the FR-S with two hands…and enjoy!

451 150x150 2013 Scion FR S

448 300x225 2013 Scion FR S

457 300x225 2013 Scion FR S

452 300x225 2013 Scion FR S

450 300x225 2013 Scion FR S


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