[AUDIO] The Mo Ivory Show: Why Aren’t There Any Black Moderator’s For the Presidential Debates?

Today on The Mo Ivory Show the conversation was heated about the Presidential Race! Joe Biden tells a crowd in Virginia that Wall Street and Romney are going to,”Put Ya’ll Back In Chains.” Romney and members of the black community were outraged by this statement and felt that it was a racial statement. Biden was not referring to slavery he was referring to the commonly used shackles that Republicans refer that are holding the economy.

Our poll asking listeners “Were You Offended By Biden’s “Put Ya’ll Back In Chains” Statement?”revealed that even though Biden was using a play on words 67% believe it was offensive and that Joe Biden does not get a “Black Pass” and 33% were not offended by his statement and give him a “Black Pass”.

Within the discussion of the intense Presidential race, Mo mentioned that there are no minority moderators for the Presidential debates. In the diverse country that we live in there has never been an Asian or Latino moderator. There has been two African American female moderators, Carole Simpson in 1992, and Gwen Ifill in 2004. If You Could Choose A Minority Moderator For the Vice Presidential and Presidential Debates Who Would It Be?

To heaten the conversation a caller made a statement saying that Black people only voted for President Obama because he was black. If that was the case Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have been President.

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