[POLL] The Mo Ivory Show: Was It Offensive For Olympic Runner, Leo Manzano To Carry The American Flag And The Mexican Flag?

It’s Free Your Mind Friday on the Mo Ivory Show! The Olympics have opened up a lot of ethnicity conversation. After discussing if black US Olympic athletes should be called African- American, Black American, or American, we now have Leo Manzano who was born in Mexico and came to America at the age of four expressing his ethnicity. After winning a silver medal in the 1500m race for the US he ran  his victory lap carrying the US flag and the Mexican flag. Was this disrespectful to America?

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    […] to swim for Serbia, where he holds dual citizenship. A poll on the CBS Atlanta website showed that 83 percent of respondents think Manzano shouldn't have carried the Mexican flag. I believe it's more […]

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    […] now the outrage has begun. A local CBS affiliate in Atlanta has already done a poll and 83% of people find that Manzano's act of joy was offensive: Was it disrespectful to America? And now […]

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