On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White  we had a heated debate over who’s responsiblity it is to raise our children. The questions of the day were  Who holds majority of the responsibility when it come to raising and teaching a child?  The debate centered around where should the vast majority of all around learning take place in the home or classroom.

Our special guests were Janette an Elementary School Teacher from Atlanta, and  Jackie a Parent of an APS student.  Both of these women were very passionate about their role with children, and blamed each other for the rate of failure amongst African-American children.  Janette stated that “White Teachers Care and Black Teacher are Lazy”.

Listeners called in to weigh in on both sides of the argument, some stating it is the teachers responsibility to help raise our children, and other place the load completely on the parent. 

What do you think? Take A Listen To The Show…..

Clip: 1







Clip: 8


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