A viral YouTube video has reopened the issue of ethnic identity. During the Olympics Black athletes are often called African American. YouTube commentator, Byron Thomas  has voiced that he has a problem with this. He feels that if the athlete is representing America that he/she should be called Black American and the name African should be left to identify African athletes.

Check Out The Video Below!


When thinking of the issue in the context of the Olympics, this concept does make  sense. When thinking of the issue in everyday life does it matter what we are identified as? African American and Black are used interchangeably and are often used to describe our skin color. If we want to be considered equal should we just identify ourselves as American? What benefits have we gotten from being called African American?

A question was posed to listeners, “What Do You Prefer To Be Identified As? ”  The poll results yielded that 36.4% prefer to be called American, 27.3% prefer to be called African American, 22.7% prefer to be called Black, 13.6% believed that it doesn’t matter African American and Black are interchangeable.

Hear What Mo and Callers had to say on this issue below!

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