Now that voters have shot down the T-Splost legislation, it is up to Governor Deal to decide what transportation funds will be used towards in Georgia. There will not be a referendum to renegotiate the T-Splost legislation. Governor Deal has power over all transportation matters in Georgia.

Transportation in Atlanta is nowhere on his priorities list. Deal’s top priorities are the port of Savannah, I-285, and GA 400. The Governor has appointed people in positions at the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Atlanta Regional Commission. Republicans control every state office in Georgia.

Mo asked callers what transportation legislation suggestions do they have.  Is the reason the T-Splost legislation didn’t pass because people don’t trust the government and elected officials?

Mo also discussed the run-off elections in Clayton County. Kem Kimbrough and Victor Hill run-off for Sheriff and Incumbent Eldrin Bell and Chief Jeff Turner for commission chairman.

Hear what Mo and callers had to say below!

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