ATLANTA, July 22, 2012, 7 p.m. The Atlanta father of two Auburn University students is using social media to get justice for his children who he said were racially harassed and one was sent to jail by two members of the Auburn football team. Henry M. Carter, of Atlanta, says his daughter Shanice Carter, 20, and his son Kenya Carter, 22, were called N-word and his daughter was called a “bitch” by two members of the Auburn University football team, while at a McDonalds Restaurant in Auburn on Saturday morning.
According to Redding News Review the father said on Facebook: Reese Dismukes and another person named Patrick Miller approach them in an aggressive manner. Calling my daughter a Bitch and Nigger. My son took offense to their aggression and they said they would crush him like they just crushed a CD that was placed on a table.”He said that the two football players were let go and his son, Kenya, was sent to jail for disorderly conduct. Dismukes is considered one of the best football players in the conference.

He says his son has been released on $300 bond.

“I called the police station when the incident occurred and voice my disapproval of the discriminatory action of the officer and my intention to file a complaint. I have instructed my daughter to press charges against the football players for making terroristic threats. This is a simple case of racism and I will not let it go by. My son has never been arrested and they will not blemish his good name. DAMN WAR EAGLES!”

A spokesperson for the Auburn Police said that information about the arrest would not be available until Monday morning.

Neither Dismukes nor Miller could be reached for comment.

Redding talks to the family on his show Redding News Review the Show today (Sunday). Hear the show on WAOK from 7 pm – 10 pm. and online at

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