According to the LA TIMES:

The gunman who attacked movie-goers at an Aurora, Colo., theater early Friday had an assault rifle, a shotgun and two Glock pistols, state and local officials said at a televised news conference less than 12 hours after the incident. He wore a tactical armored vest, throat protector, groin protector, a gas mask and a ballistic helmet.

Even as officials spoke to the media at the midday news conference, police were studying two crime scenes: the movie theater that still contained the bodies of 10 of the 12 people who died and the apartment of the suspect, James Holmes. The latter had been booby-trapped with explosives and chemicals.

“We’ve taken a blow today, but we’ll get back on our feet,” Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan told reporters. Hogan was one several officials, including Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, angrily condemning what they called senseless shootings.


Many of you may remember the shooting in Buckhead that occured in 1999. Click the audio link to hear the conversation.



Mayor Bill Campbell Calls into the show to give us perspective from a Mayors Stand Point:


Continue to Listen to the rest of the show:


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