Today on the Mo Ivory Show, Mo discussed the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting. It is reported that when police called the mother of the suspect she said, “You have the right person.” The mother wasn’t surprised or moved at all that it was her son. Which raises the question if she knew he was crazy, why wasn’t he in a facility? Where was his mother this night and was she aware what he was up to?

Mo was upset by the fact that a three month old baby and six year old child were among the wounded in the shooting. Neither one of the children should have been in the  midnight showing of the movie. Kids should not even be in the PG13 movie. The parents should be ashamed they should have found a baby sitter or stayed home.  It’s a part of parenting to give up things you like to do when you have children.

It’s been reported that the suspect had an assault rifle, shot gun, and two rifles with him. There are currently no state permits required for any rifle, shotgun or handgun in Colorado. The easy access to guns are the reason for mass killings like these. There needs to be tighter restrictions and federal regulations on who is allowed to have guns. Taking away guns is about making America a safer place, not taking away rights.

Mo discussed how, there have also been several mass shootings in Chicago in the past few months that have not been nationally publicized by the media.

Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed called in to give a statement on the issue and addressed the safety precautions being taken in Atlanta movie theaters this weekend.

Hear what Mo, and callers had to say on all of these issues below!

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