Sanford, Fl (WAOK)-On Wednesday night, accused shooter George Zimmerman was interviewed for the first time since the shooting on the Sean Hannity show. During the interview Zimmerman again apologized to the family of Martin and said he felt that what happened was “all part of God’s plan.”

See parts of the interview here

Sitting next to his lawyer, Zimmerman appeared calm as he denied ever pursuing Martin.

“I was going in the same direction as him to keep an eye on him so that I could tell the police where he was going,” Zimmerman said.

The 28-year-old insisted self-defense was his only motivation. “I’m not a racist, and I’m not a murderer,” Zimmerman said.

When asked about regrets, Zimmerman said he had none.

Zimmerman’s sentiment that what happened was part of  God’s plan did not sit well with the parents of Trayvon Martin. Sybrina Fulton  and Tracey Martin gave their reaction to the Zimmerman interview this morning on  The CBS Morning News.

Zimmerman remains out on $1 million bail. His attorney said his trial could be more than a year away.

Zimmerman and Martin timeline

Meanwhile on the view on Thursday, Barbara Walters told the story of an opportunity to interview George Zimmerman however she turned down the interview after Zimmerman asked ABC News to pay for a hotel room for he and his wife for a month.

George Zimmerman apparently then called into “The View” to make nice with Barbara Walters.

Walters told the show’s viewers Thursday that she flew to Florida on Wednesday to set up an on-air chat with Zimmerman, but walked away after the volunteer watchman showed up in a T-shirt and made some steep demands.

She didn’t elaborate, but sources told The Miami Herald that Zimmerman wanted ABC to put him and his wife up in a hotel for a month.

Near the end of Thursday’s show, Walters told viewers that Zimmerman called “The View,” but she refused to put him on the air.
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